Workiva User Conference 2018 Highlights


My favorite part of the conference is being able to see all the new products and actually talk to the folks in the lounge on specifically how it works for my processes and what I need to do.

The people that are here— it’s fantastic. This whole amplify theme has been fantastic, the culture of innovation.

Meeting the people I work with, with Workiva, because I don’t actually see them too often.

It’s not so big that you end up lost in the conference. It’s not so small that you feel like there’s too few people. It’s just the right mix, just the right balance of folks. Half education, it’s a little bit of marketing, and it’s a lot more fun. So far, it’s one of my favorite conferences that I go to.

I’d say the hands-on sessions.

The hands-on classes, to me, are the best because it gives you an opportunity to try out any of the new things, like data prep.

It’s nice to play with data that I can’t hurt.

I would say the most I learn is actually talking from other customers because it doesn’t necessarily matter what industry we’re in. A lot of times, we all face the same issues.

I like the overview.

Getting to talk to developers.

The free food!

I feel like every time I come, I learn something new.

I thought it was one of the better conferences I’ve ever been to. You guys really go all out.

It is always my favorite conference. Next year will be my new favorite conference, but every year, it just gets better. I will come every year till somebody kicks me out.

You guys like to have fun. You make this fun.